Magazine articles

A lot of my magazine feature writing these days focuses on flaws in the criminal justice system, especially flaws that lead to wrongful convictions of innocent women and men. I also write book reviews, essays and humor. Here are examples of some of my favorites.

Missing Allegations in Cosby Biography Fuel a Lie of Omission. Mark Whitaker had a responsibility in telling the life story of Bill Cosby to include thoroughly reported and longstanding allegations against the entertainer.


Seeing is Believing. In experiment after experiment, Gary Wells has established that eyewitness testimony is unreliable and leads to wrongful convictions. Why has the judicial system not adopted his recommendations?

Miracle Worker. What else would you call the man who has confronted America’s criminal-justice system and freed 36 innocent prisoners?

Railroaded: What Ellen Reasonover’s lawyers learned while working to free her from a Missouri prison is that the unthinkable does happen – prosecutorial misconduct can produce a conviction despite a complete lack of credible evidence. But proving that can be ridiculously hard.

Keystone Cops at the Police Lab. Compromised crime laboratories are a national scandal that can’t be set straight until the labs are independent of law enforcement.


So You Wanna Be an Author? Don’t call me. Just read this.
When my telephone rings, I almost always check the caller ID before I answer. If the number and name look unfamiliar, I assume the caller is: 1. A prison inmate or 2. An MU graduate seeking advice about publishing a book.


Mr. Bottom Line
Quick: What’s the dollar value of a human life? Of a river? John D. Graham says he knows. As the White House point man who weighs every health and environmental rule to decide if it’s worth the cost, he’s a bureaucrat with power over life and death.


Bazaar America: A Writer’s Immersion in the Flea Market Trade
When Maureen Stanton decided to learn about the realm of buying and selling antiques, she thought the research material would be straightforward and accessible. She was wrong.

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